Cisco To Acquire Technology And Talent From Data Analytics Firm

Cisco has entered an agreement with Saggezza, a Chicago, Illinois-based data analytics firm which will see the former acquire both talent and technology from the latter. The terms of the deal were, however, not revealed.

Saggezza was started in 2006 and the firm makes use of data analytics to assist business organizations convert raw data into insight. Some of the clients of the firm are in the telecommunication, business services, retail and finance sectors. Saggezza’s products include Lube Insights which is an application for the cloud that provides data analytics supports geared towards business process optimization, visualization applications and information technology operations. TruVantage is yet another Saggezza product that is focused on financial institutions.

Enterprise Networking Engineering Group

Rob Salvagno, the chief of acquisitions at Cisco revealed in an online posting that some the talent it would be acquiring from Saggezza would be joining the networking gear maker’s Enterprise Networking Engineering Group. The number of acquihires is less than 30 and will be placed in a division headed by Ravi Chandrasekaran, a senior vice president at Cisco.

“With today’s announcement, we will acquire a cohesive and high-performing team of analytics experts to bolster our ongoing innovation in this space,” said Salvagno.

String of acquisitions

Cisco’s purchase of Saggezza’s technology and talent comes in the wake of the networking gear maker’s acquisition of a Viptela, a San Jose, California-based software firm for a price of $610 million. The acquisition of Viptela is expected to assist the Digital Network Architecture of Cisco. The Digital Network Architecture is built to assist in the automation of Cisco’s network operations. It is expected that the deal will be finalized by the close of the year.

Earlier in the year, Cisco also finalized a $3.7 billion acquisition deal of AppDynamics, an application analytics specialist. Prior to its IPO, AppDynamics had been valued at $1.9 billion. David Wadhwani, the chief executive officer of AppDynamics said that the company’s acquisition by Cisco was due to the fact that the data analytics company had a streaming data model that appealed to the networking gear maker since it would assist in the penetration of the enterprise market.

Prior to the acquisition AppDynamics and Cisco had been close partners. It was from this close cooperation that the two companies discovered that the former’s data model could assist in making the networks of the latter smarter. AppDynamics will, on the other hand, benefit from gaining access to the huger number of enterprise customers that Cisco has.