Stanley Muller
For the past 25 years, Stanley has been involved with marketing in one aspect or another. However, during the past 16 years, the majority of his work has involved writing key marketing articles, e-books, and documents for clients around the world as well as self-published pieces. In his spare time, Stanley is a devoted father of three grown children who loves to dote on his two grandsons.

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Geri Gentry
Geri grew up in a household where both her parents were business experts. While her father works for a large marketing firm, her mother is a prolific online writer. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Geri has been a highly sought-after business writer as well. Although she is considered relatively new to the industry, she has a keen eye for detail and in-depth knowledge gained through education and experience.

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Brenda Bartman
In addition to writing about current investing strategies and various other topics, Brenda offers free workshops to underprivileged children interested in entering the business world. Her work is unparalleled, precise, and extremely useful. Brenda has been married to her college sweetheart for over 10 years and together, the couple is raising a daughter named Hailey.

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George Bondi
Prior to writing specifically about investing, George spent over 20 years covering top world news. Although he still enjoys sharing information about current events, his real passion focuses on the marketing arena. Never married, George has the opportunity to travel often for pleasure although he is also frequently asked to serve as a guest speaker for special conferences and symposiums.

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Francis Steltz
Born in Germany, Francis did not become a US citizen until 2000. While living abroad, she was heavily involved with helping firms learn the appropriate way to market. Today, she uses her experience and knowledge to create powerful writings that have benefits multiple small companies and large corporations. When not at the computer, Francis loves anything outdoors, especially hiking in the Arizona foothills where she now lives.

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Brian Himes
Brian knows all too well the importance of marketing but also how diverse it is. Having graduated with a bachelor’s degree and then going on to earn a master’s in marketing, Brian has the opportunity to reach a broad audience through writing. He is also a co-host of a local radio show that focuses primarily on entrepreneurs. When not working, he and his wife love spending time at the beach and sailing.

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