What might possibly be Tim Cook’s New Year Resolutions for Apple Inc....

What might possibly be Tim Cook’s New Year Resolutions for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)?


Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s ride for 2016 can be truly called a roller coaster with its own ups and downs. From Apple Watch to Apple TV app, a newly designed MacBook to cordless earpods that didn’t make it to the users yet, a chase for artificial intelligence to unveiling its aim for self-driven cars- Apple has it all in the basket.

Albeit all this sounds to make 2016 a lucrative one for Apple, but the truth is far from reality. The company is under a constant scanner for failing to infuse really interesting innovation, something that was once a USP of Apple. After all, the ability to bring innovation first to the market has made Apple what it is today. Nevertheless, there are a few things that Apple CEO, Tim Cook will keep on his agenda this year.

Here is our guess at what possibly may be Tim Cook’s New Year Resolutions for Apple.

Do what it is best at- iPhone

Apple may claim to be a company that is beyond iPhone, but the truth is that no other product gives it as much revenue as iPhone does. With smartphone penetration on the rise and customers happily looking for more of iPhone, there is a possibility that the company may revitalize its iPhone.

This would be company’s 10th anniversary for iPhone and all sorts of rumours have made it to the market. from a red iPhone 8 to plastic body, curved glass to so much more- it is possible that iPhone 8 would be something to look out for.

Take Siri obsession to all apps

Apple may possible expand its artificial intelligence voice agent, Siri to all apps. At present Siri supports just a few kinds of apps. Apple might possibly look for ways to boost up the efforts for mass integration of Siri, given the rising competition from Samsung and Google.

Push Apple Pay harder

Apple can really make it large with digital payments platform. With a stalled Apple Pay effort, there will be a need to push this area harder and make it possible for people to pay using their iPhone. If Apple manages to push Apple Pay, this would a huge opportunity to complete with peers.