Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone Is The Choice Of Wealthy Regions To That...

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone Is The Choice Of Wealthy Regions To That Of Samsung


According to data, which was acquired from an Internet Marketing Company WebPageFX; it was shown that those who live in wealthier communities are more likely to own an Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone.

This analysis was spread out encompassing over 30 million mobile device users. The data illustrated that two-thirds of cellphone users were in possession of either an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

In addition to this, the data portrayed that 45% of these mobile device users, had a preference biased to iPhone. This analysis was performed throughout the U.S, and it portrayed that in regions that have higher mean incomes, the iPhone was more of a commodity than that of the Samsung Galaxy.

Results acquired per region during this analysis

It was shown through the analysis that in higher income regions such as Alaska, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Hawaii, as well as New Jersey; the iPhone product has a 50 percent market share for smartphones.

However, contradictory to this; in lowermean earning regions such as New Mexico, as well as South Carolina, the data indicated that the iPhone only pertained a range between 35 – 40 percent market share.

There are outskirts to this analysis, a prime example includes regions such as Mississippi, as well as Louisiana – which represent the lowest median income results in the nation; however, despite this, the iPhone market percentage is over 50 percent.

Although it is true that these statistics vary throughout various age groups per region as seen in this tweet the results still skew more to the higher average income standard for iPhone preference.

The reason behind these skewed results

Although this is still under speculation regarding the results of the iPhone being preferred in wealthier nations. It is believed that the main reason for the results for iPhone market share skewing to the wealthier regions, is due to the pricing options available for various iPhones in comparison to various Samsung Galaxy products.

The latest products from both of these companies are more or less equal in commercial value; the iPhone 7 has a retail price of $769, whereas the Samsung Galaxy S7 has a current retail value of $694.99 (if the full price is paid upfront.)

However, there are cheaper, more affordable Samsung Galaxy options such as the Galaxy J3, which has a retail price of $199. In comparison to this, no iPhone products have a similarly diverse range of product pricing options.