Nursing Student Sued Over Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Wins Lawsuit


    Lan Cai, a 20-year-old nursing student who fought against The Law Offices of Tuan A. Khuu & Associates on grounds of unprofessionalism that she had first taken on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Facebook, has recently won the lawsuit.

    Student’s Facebook Post and Lawsuit

    Cai has been victimized in a drunk driving incident earlier this year. The accident has resulted to two broken bones in her lower back. Consequently, she has sought legal assistance from The Law Offices of Tuan A. Khuu & Associates to help her with insurance claims and other relevant legal matters.

    Unsatisfied with the work of The Law Offices of Tuan A. Khuu & Associates, she has bravely shared her experience on Facebook and in turn, the firm has filed a lawsuit. The Law Offices of Tuan A. Khuu & Associates has warned Cai to remove the Facebook post several times but did not listen; hence, taking the matter to the court.

    According to Cai, the members of The Law Offices of Tuan A. Khuu & Associates had one day entered her bedroom while she was only wearing an underwear. On the other hand, the accused parties argued that Cai’s mother had invited them into the bedroom.

    Winning the Lawsuit

    Michael Fleming has represented Cai pro bono. According to him, the lawsuit demanding about $100,000 to $200,000 from Cai is a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP). Cai works six times a week in order to put herself through college as a nursing student.

    As a result, the court has immediately favored Cai, mandating The Law Offices of Tuan A. Khuu & Associates to pay about $27,000.

    Fleming believes that people must be allowed to express their thoughts and share their experiences freely, especially in a democratic country.

    “Texas law specifically protects folks who are exercising their free speech rights and the statute was appropriately applied in this situation,” he reiterated.

    A 20-year-old student’s entire experience dealing with a lawsuit stemming from a thoughtful Facebook post might have been troublesome but it turned out to be rewarding at the same time.

    Facebook has closed at $115.40 on Friday, up by 0.26%.