Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Announces iPhone 6S Replacement


    Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has kicked off iPhone 6S replacement following pleas from a Chinese consumer lobby group. The faulty iPhone 6S devices are said to be shutting down without warning. Chinese consumers had turned to Weibo Corp (ADR)(NASDAQ:WB), the Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) of China, following cases of their devices switching off unexpectedly even when the battery charge levels were above fifty percent. The batteries will be replaced at no cost to the smartphone’s owner.

    iPhone 6S replacement a non-safety issue

    In a statement issued on Monday, Apple China arrayed fears that the battery replacement had anything to do with safety. The iPhone maker also revealed that the replacement would only affect a few devices in a limited range of serial numbers. These devices left the manufacturing plant last year between the months of September and October.

    To get an iPhone 6S checked and to get the battery potentially replaced, phone owners are required to visit authorized service providers or Apple retail stores. The inspection is necessary to verify whether the phone is in a working condition as well as to ensure it is eligible for replacement. iPhone 6S owners who had already replaced the battery stand to get refunded. The iPhone 6S replacement program will be in place till 2018 since the warranty policy runs for three years from the date of sale. The iPhone 6S range of phones was launched in 2015.

    Preliminary steps

    Before the battery can get replaced, owners of the affected iPhones have been advised to back up their data first to either iCloud or iTunes. They will also need to switch off the Find My iPhone facility and then erase all the data. Some damages that the phone might have incurred will have to be repaired first at an extra cost because they might impact the replacement of the battery. This includes cracked display surfaces.

    With the latest iPhone 6S replacement, it remains to be seen whether the confidence of consumers in Apple products will be dented significantly. Only three days ago, iPhone 6 Plus owners begun turning in their phones for repair over what has been branded the ‘touch disease’ where the screen flickers and becomes unresponsive to touch.

    Apple stock closed Friday’s trading session at $ 110.06, increasing $0.11 or 0.10%.